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Revision Strategies: A Three-Part Blog Series

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Today we’re here to talk about revision in your writing. It’s important to build revision into your writing process for a multitude of reasons, but you may not know how to get started. We bring you this revision blog series to assist you in incorporating revision into your writing process.

Revision Strategies

Revision in your academic writing means taking some space from your work and looking back at it critically. This is an important step because it can allow you to see gaps in your ideas, where transitions can be strengthened, and even catch typos. So how can you get started? Check out these blog posts for assistance!

Revision By Subtraction: Writing Instructor Melissa writes about tips and tricks to help condense your work and avoid unnecessary words that can clutter up your meaning.

Be Your Own Best Reader: Editor Lydia writes about some ways to incorporate revision into your process.  Lydia goes over how to build time, space, reflection, and a support system into your writing process to help you revise to the fullest.

Developing Revision Strategies for Condensing Your Work: Writing Instructor Claire discusses strategies to go back through your work after you’ve finished a draft and some techniques to help you condense or cut out ideas you may not need.

Use these blog posts to assist you in revising for sentence-level issues, condensing ideas, and taking some space from your work for reflection. With the assistance of these tools, you can incorporate revision as a step in your writing process. Have some revision tips or found one here that works for you? Share with us below!

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