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Thursday Thoughts: New in the Writing Center--Knowledge Checks

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Do you ever receive feedback or visit pages on the Writing Center’s website and think—wait, do I know about that? Sometimes language in an writing instructor or editor's comments or that you read over might sound familiar, so you assume you remember—but maybe it’s been a while or maybe you’d just like to test yourself to be sure. Now you can with our handy knowledge checks! 

What exactly is a knowledge check? It’s a quick little quiz that you can easily take in a sidebar on one of the webpages (listed below). You answer the questions and then can scroll through to see which answers are correct. For the ones you got incorrect—you can go through the webpages on your own to dig into the rules that apply, read some examples, and try taking the quiz again if you like (you’ll need to refresh the page to do so). 

To find the knowledge checks, simply go to one of the webpages below and look on the right side of the screen for the brown tab reading “Knowledge Check” to test your knowledge! 

Here's what the knowledge checks tab looks like: 

Knowledge check tab on webpage

And here's what the knowledge checks itself looks like: 

Image of knowledge check popout

Here's the list of APA pages with knowledge checks--and we're adding more!
Citations Page
In-Text/Parenthetical Citations Page
Common Errors Page
Common Sources Page
Block Quotations Page
Citing Yourself Page
Personal Communication
Secondary Sources
Et al. Page
Publication Year Page
Abbreviations Page
Anthropomorphism Page

We hope you enjoy this chance to test yourself and learn more about academic writing through our webpages! Let us know how you like these checks and what you found useful below. 

The Walden Writing Center provides information and assistance to students with services like live chat, webinars, course visits, paper reviews, podcasts, modules, and the writing center webpages. Through these services they provide students assistance with APA, scholarly writing, and help students gain skills and confidence to enhance their scholarly work.

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