Attention Walden University Capstone Writers: Introducing the New Form and Style Website -->

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Attention Walden University Capstone Writers: Introducing the New Form and Style Website

The Walden Writing Center is pleased to announce the creation of a Doctoral Capstone Form and Style Website.  Because the capstone phase is a main focus of student work and the overall student process, we have tailored some of our material and interactions, as well as tips and links, specifically for students working on the proposal and beyond. The term capstone indicates a student’s major project, and includes both dissertations and doctoral studies.  Here is an introduction and quick guide to the resources students and faculty will find on our new site.
A screen shot of the front page of the new Form and Style Website for Walden University capstone writers
Introducing the new Form and Style Website for capstone writers

Templates. We have included templates for the various documents involved in the different Walden capstones (dissertations and doctoral studies).  For each degree program, we have included the appropriate (if required) premise, prospectus, and final study template.  Along with the individual templates, we have included videos where we explain how to use the template, such as using the table of contents, adding new headings, and formatting the margins and page numbers.

Kits. On this page, we present kits to help students begin writing at each phase of the capstone process.  The Preproposal Starter Kit is up and ready on the site.  In early 2017, we will complete and present additional Kits: a Proposal Kit, a Final Study Kit, and a Form and Style Kit.  Each of these kits will contain tips, resources, and links for students working on these different phases of the doctoral capstone study.  Watch this page for the additional kits in the few months of 2017.

Form and Style Checklist.  This page contains the Form and Style Checklist. This is a list of the main items and areas where Dissertation Editors focus their efforts in the Form and Style Review.  This checklist can be a resource for students at all stages of writing.  From a tool to use while beginning writing, to a resource for self-editing before submitting the final study, this checklist can help students prepare and polish their capstone documents.

Top 10 Reasons for Delays. We also cover some of the main reasons for a delay of the capstone at the Form and Style stage.  Sometimes, a study can be delayed at Form and Style or sent back for more work.  See this page for more information on some of the key aspects of the Form and Style Process and how to ensure that items which may potentially cause a delay are addressed before submitting the document.

Walden Capstone Writing Community (WCWC). In addition, we moved the WCWC from a private, password-protected site onto our new Form and Style Website.  Now, all students can find information about the resources provided in the community and the live events we host. To join the community, students must have an approved prospectus and be working on the proposal.  Check out this page for more information about how to join the community and receive our newsletter.

Faculty Toolbox. This page contains faculty-specific information about supporting students in their writing, and requires a faculty log-in.  Information for faculty regarding Chapter Edits and how to request this service for a student can also be found here.  Students interested in exploring the possibility of a faculty referral for this service should encourage their chair to visit this site and review the referral requirements.

Chat. Chat 1:1 with an editor.  Using this service, students can get a quick question answered by one of our trained dissertation editors in real time.  Check out the schedule on the website to find out when an editor is available to answer a question.

Other notable resources. Our new site also contains information regarding:

  • Submitting to the Form and Style Review (overview and process)
  • Document expectations for the Form and Style Review
  • FAQ’s on confidentiality in the capstone document
  • Tips for hiring a paid outside editor

We hope that students and faculty will familiarize themselves with our new page and use these resources for students at advanced capstone stages.  Please also continue to use the Writing Center Main Page for information on scholarly writing, punctuation, grammar and composition, APA Style, as well as course-related and premise/prospectus-related writing information. 

Please direct any questions regarding this page or the resources found here to  In addition, please also use this e-mail for any capstone proposal or final study questions regarding writing, resources, or editing. The new Form and Style Page can be accessed from the link in the first paragraph or at this URL:

Kelly Chermak is the manager of editing services in the Walden University Writing Center. She first joined the staff as a dissertation editor in 2012. She earned her PhD from the University of Minnesota in Sociology, and specializes in organization theory, workplace policy, and research methods. She is also a contributing faculty member in Walden's Human and Social Services PhD and Doctorate of Business Administration.  

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  1. Hi Kelly
    what is the best format to write for Capstone project (masterlevel)

    1. Hi! Here is a link to our master's specific templates:

      If your program or document isn't there, then you should probably use a standard APA template:

      Do check with your instructor to make sure!