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An APA 7 Update and Resources

We here in the Walden University Writing Center recently updated our APA 7 transition webpage to provide more information about how we’re preparing to help Walden University students use the APA’s new style guide.
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Later this year, Walden University will be fully transitioning to the seventh and latest edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA). For semester-based programs, the official transition date to APA 7 is May 4. For quarter-based programs, the official transition date is June 1. The university will soon share more information about a grace period for students who are actively writing their doctoral capstones and may choose between continuing in the sixth edition or using the seventh edition. 

To help support Walden students’ transition, the instructors and editors of the Writing Center are working to learn the details of the new style guide, update our instructional resources, and create new resources. For example, these APA 6 and 7 comparison tables provide a concise preview of the significant changes between the old and new version of the manual. These tables are just one example of the type of resource our staff is working on to highlight and help you learn the changes.

We also just published a WriteCast podcast episode on a few of the APA 7 changes that we’re most excited about. Stream or download (click the connect button on the player) the episode here, or listen on your favorite podcast app. If you have heard or read about upcoming changes, we’d love to know which ones you are looking forward to the most!
Please bookmark our APA 7 transition webpage to learn about when new Writing Center resources will go live and for information about the official Walden University timelines for the transition. We’ll continue to share updates with you on resources, training, and timelines as we all make this exciting move together!

Any questions related to the transition to APA 7 can be directed to

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