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There’s a New APA Manual: What Does It Mean for Walden?

As you may have heard, APA released a new, seventh edition of its Publication Manual on October 1. For now, Walden will continue using the sixth edition of the manual, so no actions are needed from students or faculty yet! The Writing Center is working with academic leaders to ensure the transition to the updated manual will be smooth, and to communicate timelines and other details of this transition as they are decided.

Walden Writing Center staff members have all received copies of the seventh edition of the APA manual and are currently doing a close read to understand the changes that come with it. Throughout November, we’ll be assembling a document detailing these changes, which we’ll use to make the needed revisions to our own resources and to develop student and faculty training. Faculty and students will be receiving a communication in the next few weeks with some clarification on this transition and the next steps.

In the meantime, Walden students, faculty, and staff can visit the APA Transition Page on the Writing Center website for announcements related to APA 7 and send any questions about this transition to the Writing Center at

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