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GDS 2017: Part of Something Larger

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Social change is at the center of Walden University’s mission and vision statements for each college. Walden students are often asked to reflect on how their academic work and future professional work can enact positive social change. This week, we want to celebrate the importance of social change here at Walden University.

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The timing is perfect as well. Global Days of Service is kicking off this week. The Writing Center is always excited to get to take part in GDS and help support the vision for greater social change.

Explore Walden University’s commitment to social change:

Next week we’ll continue our celebration of GDS on this blog with posts that examine the idea of positive social change through action and language. As you learn more about social change at Walden, and how the Writing Center supports that commitment, we hope you'll join us.  

Walden University Writing Center

Walden University and the Writing Center provide a diverse community of career professionals with the opportunity to transform themselves as scholar-practitioners so that they can affect positive social change.

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