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Thursday Thoughts: Capstone Resources

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The Writing Center works with Walden University writers to provide resources for different points in the academic writing process. Instructors work with students during their coursework and up through the doctoral prospectus, while editors connect with students from the proposal stage through the completion of their doctoral project. In addition to our web resources webinars, and one-to-one services, we provide blog posts, podcasts, and other resources that may help students with capstone development. 

Capstone Resources!

Below is a curated list of resources, by category, that may be helpful to students as they write the capstone.

On Getting Started and Sustaining Productivity:

Research and Resources:

Specific Sections/Documents in the Capstone
The Walden Writing Center provides information and assistance to students with services like live chat, webinars, course visits, paper reviews, podcasts, modules, and Writing Center webpages. Through these services they provide students assistance with APA, scholarly writing, and help students gain skills and confidence to enhance their scholarly work.

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