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Thursday Thoughts: Preproposal Starter Kit for Doctoral Capstone Writers

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Did you know that the Walden University Writing Center is constantly expanding and improving its resources for doctoral capstone writers? For anyone beginning or about to begin a doctoral capstone project like a dissertation, a DNP project study, or a DBA Doctoral study , we recommend checking out these targeted resources on our website.

The capstone writing section of the website provides program-specific resources, information about negotiating the IRB process, steps for joining the Walden Capstone Writing Community, and how to make the best use of your Form and Style Review.  That's a lot of information at your disposal. However, for those just starting out this much information can be crippling. It might just be easier to curl up into a little ball under the covers and come out in Summer.

Which is precisely why the Writing Center created its latest resource: the Doctoral Capstone Preproposal Starter Kit for those about to start their doctoral capstone project.

Access the Doctoral Capstone Preproposal Starter Kit on our website by following this link.

As you begin this final leg of your doctoral journey, it's important to understand yourself as a writer, and how your own writing and study skills match up with those required of you to complete an extended project like a capstone. Our Preproposal kit offers insight on preparation, self-assessment, writing process, and revision and editing skills, and will ensure that you have a firm understanding of how you can succeed.

These resources are for doctoral students at the premise and prospectus stages and who are not yet working on their official proposal documents.

If you have used any of the Writing Center's doctoral capstone resources, let us know if they were helpful in the comments below. We value your feedback to help us improve our existing resources and create the most helpful resources for all our students.

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