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WriteCast Episode 21: Writing Expectations at U.S. Colleges and Universities

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This month: Approaching Writing From Different Languages and Traditions | Walden University Writing Center Blog

This month on the podcast and blog, we're featuring topics related to approaching writing from different languages and traditions. While anyone can enjoy these topics, we hope they'll be of particular interest to international students and students who speak multiple languages. 

We're starting off the month with our 21st WriteCast episode: Writing Expectations at U.S. Colleges and Universities. Beth and Brittany talk about different styles and expectations within and outside of the U.S. rhetorical tradition (as well as what that means). 
To download the episode to your computer, press the share button on the player above, then press the download button. Visit the Writing Center's WriteCast page for our episode archive and transcripts. Happy listening!

We're always looking for ways to improve our resources. If you're a current international and/or multilingual Walden student, please take our brief survey to help us improve our services for you. The survey link will remain posted here as long as the survey is active. Thank you!

WriteCast: A Casual Conversation for Serious Writers is a monthly podcast written, produced, and published by staff in the Walden University Writing Center. Join us each month for a dialogue between two experienced and trained writing instructors. Possible episode topics will always be considered from listeners--share your questions and suggestions in the comments. 

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