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New in 2015: Join a Walden Writing Group!

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We’ve talked about the importance of having a writing community here and here on the blog, and we'll also be talking about it in our next WriteCast episode (stay tuned!). We know that finding such a community can be challenging, though, particularly at an online institution. That’s why next year, we’re trying out a new service: small, private writing groups for Walden students. 

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The groups will run for four weeks in January and will take place in Google+ communities. A Writing Center staff member will organize the groups and will post some discussion questions to get things started, but what you want to get out of the group will be up to you and your group members. To help make the groups useful for everyone, we just ask that you commit to checking in to the group twice a week.

The writing groups are open to all Walden students--undergraduate and graduate--working on coursework. If you're interested in joining a writing group, please sign-up via this brief survey. If you're a doctoral student working on your proposal, we encourage you to form a group through the Walden Capstone Writing Community.

What can you do in a writing group?
Discuss writing questions, challenges, and successes
Motivate each other
Keep each other accountable to writing goals
Share writing tips and advice
Get feedback from peers on your writing

We're going to start forming groups this December, so fill out the sign-up survey today!

If you have questions about the groups, please ask them here in the comments. 


Anne Shiell
 is a writing instructor and the coordinator of social media resources at the Walden Writing Center. Anne also produces WriteCast, the Writing Center's podcast.

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