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Who Needs the Manual? APAstyle.org

By Melanie Brown, Dissertation Editor and Writing Faculty Member

All right: You need the manual. You have to follow APA style in your dissertation or doc study, so you need the manual. Right? Well. What if you knew how to find answers to your questions about APA from a reliable source other than the Publication Manual? Then you don’t need that manual, do you?

So. Where can you go to find answers to your APA style questions besides the Publication Manual? Two places come to mind. One is, of course, here. Students contact us in the Writing Center every day with questions about APA style.

I can understand why. APA style requires particular use of language, punctuation, numbers, table design, citations, reference list details, and so much more. Of course you can ask us your questions; you know we are happy to help you.

Another place you can go is to the experts themselves: http://www.apastyle.org/. The APA Style landing page includes quick answers about references and formatting. It has a detailed FAQ page, too. The best part of this site, though, is its searchable blog. The APA Style Experts (their actual job titles; I am not kidding) have written comprehensive, engaging entries on all sorts of APA style topics. Visit the blog and use the speedy search box to find answers to any of your APA questions.

Who needs the APA manual? Not you, if you can take advantage of the online APA resources available to you. Just don’t tell the editors at APA (or your local bookseller) that you heard it from me.


  1. I have liked the posting because it reminds me of the importance of using the APA Manual if I am to succeed in my DBA. Thanks for this. I will surely use it

  2. It is important to find ways to cut down on the amount of time spent on running to the library to look up APA style questions. The more time that you have for studying and writing the better your grades will be. These are two great alternatives that make sense for any student to use.