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By Writing Center Staff

You might have noticed that we've been posting more frequently lately. In fact, we've started a new initiative to post at least once a week. In this system, each Monday you can head into the week with some words of wisdom from the Writing Center. Here's the breakdown of topics:

First Monday of the Month: Tech Tips. Here you'll find information to make your research and writing easier in the digital age.

Second Monday of the Month: APA Style. Learn the nitty-gritty style and formatting rules to make your writing polished and presentable.

Third Monday of the Month: Academic Writing. These posts will discuss all aspects of the writing process--from the blank page to the dropbox.

Fourth Monday of the Month: Grammar and Mechanics. Great writing starts at the sentence level. Here you'll learn tricks and find resources to conquer grammar.

Fifth Monday of the Month (when there is one): Wild Card. Anything goes. We'll spice up the blog a bit from time to time with other random posts.

If you're interested in just one topic (for instance, you really need to hone your APA skills), feel free to tune in on the particular week in question. You can also search for blogs in each category by clicking on the right side of the screen under "Labels."

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