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Relaxation Reminder

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Here in the northern U.S. February and March can be a little bit of a downer weather-wise—everyone is ready for winter to end but instead we often get grey skies and slushy snow. So to help you through those winter/beginning of semester/general life stress, today’s Thursday Thoughts is all about relaxation.

Music: Enjoy some soothing music (either in the background as you work or on its own). 
Breathing: Breath is so important to taking a moment and relaxing.

  • This visual exercise to practice taking deep, measured breaths can help you take a few minutes to be still and reset.
Indicate your space:
Part of allowing yourself to take a moment to relax can be to have something in your space that indicates you are taking your moment. I light a rock salt lamp on my desk—you may enjoy candles, incense, a cup of tea, or even a refreshing glass of water. Whatever it is, use this as a mini-ritual for yourself to indicate that these few minutes, half hour, however long you have, are for you to relax and breathe.

Take care of yourselves, students! Do you have any tricks, tips, or favorite relaxing activities to help you take a moment away from your busy life? Share them below and let us know how you like our list above.

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