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WriteCast Episode 31: Taking Your Academic Writing Outside of the Classroom

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Have you ever wondered when you are going to use the academic writing skills you gain in college in "real life"? This is something many of us wonder, and our podcast hosts, Brittany Kallman Arneson and Beth Nastachowski, decided to discuss this very topic in their 31st episode of WriteCast. The title of this podcast? Taking Your Academic Writing Outside of the Classroom.

In this episode, Brittany and Beth discuss with Claire Helakoski how a writer might use their academic writing skills outside of academia. Their thought-provoking conversation proves that your academic writing skills will be useful both in and out of the classroom for years and years to come.

If you're curious about this topic, take a listen. Hit the orange play button below.

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Happy Listening, WriteCasters!

WriteCast is a monthly podcast written, produced, and published by staff in the Walden University Writing Center. WriteCast: A Casual Conversation for Serious Writers offers listeners the chance to sit in on a dialogue between two experienced and trained writing instructors. Possible episode topics will always be considered from listeners, just let us know in the comments. 

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