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WriteCast Episode 25: A Discussion About Discussion Posts

Greetings all you WriteCasters out there. You'll be happy to know that our latest podcast episode of WriteCast: A Casual Conversation for Serious Writers has been published. Along with a very special guest, Beth and Brittany discuss one of the most common assignments that Walden Students, and online learners everywhere, will encounter: the discussion post.

Here's the description of Episode #25: A Discussion About Discussion Posts:
Discussion posts are a common assignment at Walden and many other universities. This month, Beth and Brittany chat with writing instructor and contributing faculty member Hillary about the purpose of the discussion board and how to be an effective participant (18 minutes).

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  1. Yeah....I'm referencing this podcast for new students in my courses. I love podcasts that we can listen to on the go! Thanks Brittany and Beth!

    1. We agree, Darci! With all the ways to share information and discuss topics, there is something so nice about a podcast that can "follow" us around as we go :)