Introducing Our Upcoming Blog Series: Revision! Rethink, Rewrite, Revise -->

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Introducing Our Upcoming Blog Series: Revision! Rethink, Rewrite, Revise

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Today's Thursday Thoughts is about a very important topic.

Here in the Walden University Writing Center, we see lots of students who develop into wonderful academic writers. The trait these writers commonly share is their ability to incorporate revision into their writing process. Instead of using revision as a tool at only one specific point in their writing process, these writers use different types of revision strategies in different situations as they complete a writing project. Revising your paper after you have a paper review session with a Writing Instructor is a good idea, but your writing can further improve if you can harness that energy and use it at different spots throughout your process. 

Knowing the importance of writers developing  these skills, over the next weeks starting on Monday this blog will be devoted to sharing revision strategies with you, its readers. The importance of revision skills for scholarly writing, and, well, any type of writing cannot be overstated. With that in mind, we will be sharing resources that will help you learn about revision and provide plenty of expert advice for how you can shape your writing process to make this a more integrated practice. 

So, as you're writing your next paper for a course. Or the next time you sit down to work on your Prospectus. Or when you're posting your next discussion post. We want to help you rethink your writing, rewrite your prose, and revise your work. 

Check back on Monday for our first revision-related post with practical, hands-on advice. 

If you can't wait that long, or if you have questions about revision before then, the Walden U Writing Center Website is a great place to start.

Questions? Let us know in the comments!

The Walden University Writing Center emphasizes writing as a process and provides feedback at any stage of a writer's process. For years, the Writing Center has provided writing instruction and guidance for students at Walden University at the coursework level and all the way through the form and style review of the final capstone study.

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