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Thursday Thoughts: New DOI Formatting Guidelines from CrossRef.Org

No comments, the group that organizes and tracks DOI numbers recently updated their preferences for what a doi number should look like in reference entries. As of March 2017, they now prefer the use of before the doi number.

CrossRef doi format preference:
Previous format: doi:10.xxxx/xxxx

The purpose of the change in formatting is to simplify the process of using a DOI to find a source. It is important to note, however, that APA requirements allow for either the new or old formatting. The policy here at Walden is to follow APA guidelines unless otherwise instructed. This means (for now) that a DOI can be presented with either the or doi: before it. Whichever formatting you decide to use in your references list, make sure you use it consistently throughout. 

DOI: It's all in the numbers

For a bit of context, that number that comes at the end of each reference entry for an electronic source is called a DOI, or a digital object identifier. This number is unique to that specific article or source and can be used to locate the source in a database or through the website. You can think of it like being the social security number, national insurance number, or ID for each of your sources.

Want to explore DOI some more?

APA Style Blog explains the change in formatting requirements in this post.

Review the definition of a DOI in this blog post from a Walden editor.

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