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WriteCast Episode 36: Social Change and Difficult Conversations

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Join us for today's WriteCast podcast episode as Beth and Brittany address a topic that directly influences our Walden University mission of social change: How to create spaces for having difficult conversations. When topics arise that reasonable people disagree on, emotions, ideas, and personal viewpoints can lead to tension between individuals in a conversation. Join our hosts as they address this tricky situation and take a close look at some important questions on this topic:
When working for positive social change, what can we do when others disagree on what changes is needed or how to enact change? How do we find common ground and keep discussions productive? Can academic writing teach us anything about how to approach and navigate difficult conversations?

Click the play button on the player above to listen to the full episode now! To download the episode to your computer, click the share button on the player, and then click the download button. For the episode archive and transcripts, visit our WriteCast: A Casual Conversation for Serious Writers homepage. Happy Listening! 


The WriteCast podcast is produced by Anne Shiell and the staff of the Walden University Writing Center and delves into a different writing issue in each episode. In line with the mission of the Writing Center, WriteCast provides multi-modal, on demand writing instruction that enhances students' writing skill and ease. We hope you enjoy this episode and comment in the box below

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