Thursday Thoughts: International and Multilingual Student Support Live Webinar Today! -->

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Thursday Thoughts: International and Multilingual Student Support Live Webinar Today!

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Did you know? Over 150 countries are represented among Walden students, and the Walden University Writing Center has a number of unique, first-hand experiences with the languages presented by these 150 countries on a daily basis. Sometimes, we have the answers right here in house, and other times, we tap into any number of other Walden University support services, including the Academic Skills Center, the Career Services Center, and the Walden Library.

Within the Writing Center, among our very own staff, are a dynamic duo who lead International and Multilingual Student Writing Support. This duo is made up of Amy Bakke and Dayna Herrington.  They are the biggest supporters of Walden's diverse student population and are constantly busy creating resources specially designed with this group in mind. 

Among the numerous hand-picked and crafted resources from Amy and Dayna are:
  1. 1. Resources to help you understand academic writing in the U.S. 
  2. 2. Resources to help you succeed in your academic writing endeavors
  3. 3. Resources to help you further master the English language

With these resources, you can prepare yourself for success as you journey through your coursework at Walden. Today, Amy and Dayna will lead a live, interactive webinar, titled Grammar for Academic Writers: Identifying Common Errors, and you can join them today from 12pm-1pm Est. 

We hope to see you there!

The Walden Writing Center offers to Walden students 1:1 writing support and offers to students and non-students alike all the writing expertise, tips, and information a writer could want.

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