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WriteCast Episode 27: 5 Tips for Using Writing Feedback

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Greetings WriteCast-Aways. We're back with Episode 27 which looks at five helpful tips to keep in mind when you're considering feedback you've collected on your writing. One practice that all good writers share is they gather feedback on their writing from a variety of sources. Join Beth and Brittany as they discuss tips to help make the best use of this feedback depending on from where it has come. 

So, after your next Paper Review session or the next time your Uncle Jerry starts giving you unsolicited advice at the dinner table about your latest course paper, WriteCast can help you make sense of it all.

You can stream WriteCast Episode 27: Five Tips for Using Writing Feedback by clicking the player below:

And check out our WriteCast homepage on the Walden University Writing Center website where you can find a list of all 27 episodes of our "casual conversation for serious writers" as well as transcripts of each one. 

Happy Listening!

The WriteCast podcast is produced by the Walden University Writing Center. New episodes are published monthly, and suggestions for episode topics are always welcome. Just leave a note in the comments. 

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