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Word Choice Strategies for the Scholarly Writer ~ New Blog Series Begins Monday

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Beginning Monday, this blog will be focused on exploring word choice and how it functions in the scholarly writing Walden U students are asked to do. Our posts in the coming weeks will provide instruction for writers to consider when they're making their writerly decisions. As always, we'll have plenty of practical, example-based suggestions for you to try out in your own writing.

Our main goal with this is to give you strategies for harnessing your own scholarly voice. To do so, we have a variety of topics relating to word choice. Here's is the upcoming schedule:

April  11th: How can you define your terms in a way that's useful to your reader?
April 18th: Guidelines for effective pronoun use in APA style
April 25th: Using "including" as a tool

With this lineup of posts coming up in the next weeks, we hope you start to practice new ways to shape and organize your writing. And what better way to do that than from the ground up!

As a teaser, check out the Writing Center's homepage of information on Word Choice by following the link.

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