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Aaannnd We’re Back…

Thank you, all, for your patience this year. As many of you know, our Center nearly doubled in size, adding 19 new writing instructors and dissertation editors, and this forced us to prioritize our onboarding process over other student-facing services like this one, our blog, for a few months in the fall.

By inviting Claire, Crystal, Dan, Jeannie, Jes, Jim, Joe, Meghan I., Meghan B., Max, Melissa, Michael D., Nicole, Rowland, Sara,  Steve, Tara, Travis, and Veronica  (our new hires) into the fold, we are now able to provide you with more opportunities to work one-on-one with talented writing professionals. Years ago, we created one-to-many services out of necessity; our one-to-one appointments were booked solid (and usually 2 weeks out), and we wanted to reach as many students as we could, despite our capacity. Our webinars, our course visits, even our website, we created these with the intent to touch as many students as possible, and I’m incredibly proud of how these services have evolved over the years. We’ve done fantastic work, and of course we’ll continue to offer these valuable services, but we now have the luxury to also return to more traditional writing center support: one-on-one, iterative instruction.

Happy New Year, and happy writing!

Our new cohort of writing professionals brings with it an impressive list of accomplishments and experiences. We have former writing center directors on board; staff with over 30 years of editing experience; doctors in rhetoric and composition; and even students, yes students, like yourselves pursuing their terminal degrees at Walden. These folks, in addition to our fabulous veterans, are now available and ready to help you with your writing.

I’ve detailed how to make an appointment with our staff in the past, and please, if you have any questions as to what this larger center means for you, do send us at e-mail at We look forward to seeing you soon. Happy New Year, and happy writing!

Brian Timmerman, Director of the Writing Center

Editor's Note: The Writing Center Blog will return to its normal publication schedule next week, with new content being posted most every Monday morning. A new team of bloggers is producing new and exciting content on all things writing. See you back here on Monday!


Brian Timmerman
 is the Director of the Walden University Writing Center.

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  1. So glad the additional support is in place for current and future Walden writers. Keep leveling up!@

  2. Leveling up indeed! 2016 is going to be a great year at the Writing Center. Keep your eyes out for new content here and elsewhere.

  3. Welcome back WU writing center have been missed! I agree that adding one-to-one services is wonderful and I'm glad you've hired so you can do this more. I'll be reminding my students of these new and improved services. But I'm also looking forward to the one-to many, social media tips too!

    1. Thanks for reading, Darci. We shant disappoint. Keep your eyes peeled for great how-tos, lessons, commentaries, and all things writing-related by our professional Editors and Instructors right here on the blog.

      And let us know what types of content would be helpful for you and your students. We're here to be as helpful as possible!