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Blog and Podcast Announcement


Walden University Writing Center

Over the next few months, the Writing Center staff will not be updating the Writing Center Blog or the WriteCast podcasts with new posts and episodes. Instead, we are investing our time and efforts into hiring and training a number of new Writing Center staff! We are excited to expand our team, as this will allow us to offer more paper review appointments and to better serve Walden students. We will resume posting to the blog and publishing new podcast episodes later this year, and we will share more information about the new additions to our Writing Center team. In the meantime, you can find writing help in the blog archive and podcast archive

Thank you for your patience during this very exciting time for the Writing Center!


Anne Shiell
 is a manager of writing instructional services at the Walden Writing Center. 

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  1. My first writing center experience with Jes Philbrook was a notable one. Kudos to you all. I am greatly impressed!

    1. I'm so glad to hear that your first Writing Center experience was positive. Thanks for your comment, and please do continue making appointments with our instructors. We're all happy to help.

    2. Writing Center instructions have positive influence.
      Wao! the additional audio/video feedback is really helpful.
      I have no doubt than to recommend wider coverage, and regular appointment to other students who are yet to harness the golden opportunity.
      If most professors could not be detailed in class and on assignment papers due to volume or other contingencies, WUWC is the right, one-on-one, detailed graduate writing instruction arena.
      If not tried, you hardly have the experience!