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WriteCast Episode 20: Favorite Apps to Save You Time When You Write


Who couldn't use an extra hour (or two, or three...) in the day? Writing a paper--and scheduling time to get feedback and make revisions--can feel overwhelming. We know that Walden students, and students all over the world, are busy with school, work, families, friends, relationships, service, and other responsibilities and commitments. Some of you work multiple jobs. Some of you are caretakers for elderly parents or relatives. Some of you put in enormous amounts of effort bettering your communities. Some of you have time-intensive health needs. We appreciate that often, every minute of every day counts, which is why we're dedicating this month on the blog and podcast to the topic of writing and time. 

We'll kick things off with recommendations for apps you can use to help make your writing time more productive. On WriteCast this month, Beth talks with Brian, the Writing Center director, about some of his favorite apps. 

Episode 20 transcript

Apps and sites discussed in this episode: 
Google Docs / Google Drive
OneLook Reverse Dictionary

We hope you find Beth and Brian's discussion helpful, and we'd also like to give a shout-out to the Academic Skills Center, which offers tips and resources on managing time and stress
Share your thoughts with us in the comments! Have you tried any of the featured apps? What did you think of them? What apps did we miss that your fellow students should know about? 


Anne Shiell
 is a writing instructor and the coordinator of social media resources at the Walden Writing Center. Anne also produces WriteCast, the Writing Center's podcast.

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  1. It looks like InstaGrok is no longer in service. Are there any tools similar you would recommend?

    1. Thanks for your interest in our post! We updated the link for instaGrok so you should be able to access it now!