Global Days of Service week is coming! #IAmSocialChange -->

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Global Days of Service week is coming! #IAmSocialChange

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Here at Walden, we have a unique commitment to helping students become scholar-practitioners who can use their education to enact social change in their communities and in the world. Beginning in 2006, Walden designated a particular day of the year—called the Global Day of Service—for students, staff, faculty, alumni, and friends to volunteer together.
global days of service
This year, Walden is celebrating the Global Days of Service throughout an entire week (Sept. 30-Oct. 6). Starting Monday, look for these ways to get involved:

  • Read and comment on new posts here on the Writing Center Blog.

  • “Writing for Social Change: Exploring Perspectives,” the first webinar in a new series, will take place Wednesday from 6-7 p.m. Eastern time. Register here  to join us for a discussion of social change, its definitions and perspectives, and how it connects to writing.

  • Sign up for volunteer opportunities—including ones that involve writing—through the Walden Service Network.

  • Are you a new doctoral or master’s student with a plan for effecting positive social change? Consider applying for one of Walden’s Commitment to Social Change Scholarships (applications are due October 1). In December, Walden will award
    • one $25,000 scholarship to a new doctoral student,
    • three $5,000 scholarships to new doctoral students,
    • three $2,500 scholarships to new master’s students.

  • Head to the Scholars of Change video contest Facebook page to cast your vote--and to be inspired.

  • Follow the Global Days of Service across social media with the hashtag #IAmSocialChange.

Many members of the Walden community will volunteer next week or join a service project to celebrate the Global Days of Service. We encourage you to do the same, but also to dedicate some time to thinking about your ongoing role in enacting social change and how writing might play a part in that role.

What are your plans for the Global Days of Service? Do you have ideas for other ways to get involved? Share in the comments! 

Visit this page for more information on the Global Days of Service.

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