A Coda to GDS 2017: Writing Center Resources for Positive Social Change -->

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A Coda to GDS 2017: Writing Center Resources for Positive Social Change

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At this point of Global Days of Service 2017, Writing Center staff have already contributed volunteer hours to help organizations like Habitat for Humanity, presented webinars on service and social change, and have helped students express the ways in which their scholarly and professional work will enact social change. 

To continue this celebration of GDS 2017, we want to share some of the Writing Center's resources related to social change.

Global Days of Service 2017: Help make a difference

How to write for positive social change: This blog post helps students understand how to connect their work to social change.

Writing for social change webinars: We have an entire series of webinars related social change. These include topics like exploring differing perspectives to tips for communicating ideas in grant proposals.

Balance passion and objectivity: In this podcast, listen as we discuss ways to express our passion while remaining objective.

Social change and difficult situations: What do we do when we encounter different points of view related to social change? Writing Center instructors discuss this difficult situation in this episode of the podcast.

How do Walden students create social change: In our student spotlight series, you can read about the ways in which Walden students create positive social change. This link will take you to just one of the blog posts in the series. Feel free to search the "student spotlight" tag for more.

The Writing Center social change hub: Continue to explore the Writing Center's social change resources by starting on this webpage.

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 supports students throughout all stages of the writing process, including the development of texts that help to create positive social change.

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