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Thursday Thoughts: Do you remember?

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Dear Happy Readers. Do you remember the song, "September," by the band Earth, Wind, and Fire? This single was released in 1978. It reached number one on US R&B charts and number three on the UK singles chart. It's been featured in movies such as Night at the Museum, Dan in Real Life, and Soul Food. It is a default song in the library of many Apple iPhone products, and it's received gold record certification in the US, the UK, Mexico, and Italy. If you don't quite remember the song, we are sure you'll recall it after hitting play on the video below. 

This song is still played during celebrations across the world. Maurice White, who was one of the co-writers of the song, dubbed it "the happiest-sounding song in the world," and it is easy to see why. Earth, Wind, and Fire sings of a joyous September, with dancing and golden dreams and shiny days. 

With all this said, the Writing Center would like to wish you - as we say farewell to September - a joyous beginning of October. As you work on new writing assignments, from annotated bibliographies to your premise, remember that we are here! The Writing Center staff would love to assist you in your writing endeavors with our 1:1 appointment service. 

If you instead just have a quick question and do not require a 1:1 appointment, feel free to email us at 

Wishing you a joyous October!

The Walden Writing Center offers to Walden students 1:1 writing support and offers to students and non-students alike all the writing expertise, tips, and information a writer could want.

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