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Three Things to Know About the Writing Center

"I've been advised to work with the Writing Center, but I'm not sure where to start. What are three things I should know about the Writing Center?" 
This question, or a similar version, is one I heard several times yesterday and today while advising students at the Indianapolis residency. If you're new to Walden, or just new to the Writing Center, here are three services we suggest getting to know:

One-on-One Paper Reviews

Scheduling a paper review appointment is the best way to receive in-depth, individualized feedback on a piece of your writing. A writing instructor will review a document that you submit through the online scheduling system and email it back to you with his or her feedback in tracked changes. The instructor will comment on organization, coherence, flow, APA style, and grammar, or on any particular section or writing issue you request. The writing that you submit does not have to be complete; you can request feedback on an outline, a couple paragraphs, a draft, or even a paper that has already been submitted to a course. Visit our tutoring page to learn more about how to set up an appointment, how the appointment works, and how to make the most of your review.

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View a sample paper review.


Every month, the Writing Center offers several live, one-hour webinars on various aspects of scholarly writing. Some webinars are geared specifically toward undergraduate students or graduate students, while other webinars are helpful for all students. Whether you're unfamiliar with scholarly writing or in the last stages of your proposal, we have a webinar for you! Every webinar is recorded and archived, so you can still watch a webinar if you're unable to attend live or if the one you're interested in isn't offered live this month.

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Our website houses many, many resources on APA style, grammar, scholarly writing, plagiarism (and how to avoid it), undergraduate writing, and capstone writing. You'll also find our webinars schedule and archive on our webinars page and instructions for scheduling and making the most of a one-on-one paper review.

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If you're new to Walden, now is the time to start checking out the Writing Center. If you're not new to Walden, though, it's not too late to start taking advantage of our services!

Writing Instructor Anne Shiell is attending the Indianapolis residency this week along with Writing Instructors Hillary Wentworth and Kayla Skarbakka and Dissertation Editor Lydia Lunning. Stop by the advising room to say hello and get your questions answered!